Philips Fluid Phone. A Concept for flexible OLED mobile devices

Philips Fluid Phone. A Concept for flexible OLED mobile devices

This is a topics-based course that presents a comprehensive set of areas of expertise within the broad range of activities in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Each area will be treated in depth, on the basis of its scientific foundations. In addition, you will get important knowledge on the body of scientific work in HCI, practice of scientific evaluation, practice in advanced engineering. Unlike CISC-325/3.0, which focuses on user-centered design processes, this course focuses on underlying principles, and your experience in applying these principles.

Visual Design

  • Information visualization


  • Attentive user interfaces
  • Eye-tracking and vision input
  • Design and empirical evaluation of input

Advanced Interaction Techniques

  • Awareness, notifications and CSCW
  • Disappearing computers
  • Context-aware computing
  • Computer-supported cooperative work

Prerequisite: A 100-level course in Art, Drama, Film and Media, or Music.

Pre- or Co-requisite: CISC-325/3.0 or permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

Location and Time: Nicol 232, Tuesdays 14.30-17:30
Professor Roel Vertegaal, PhD

Instructor: Prof. Roel Vertegaal, PhD - 
TA: Antonio Gomes -